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Aromatherapy Massage

This is where essential oils are used to bring balance to the body and mind through massage. A blend is selected to target specific health complaints or to promote wellbeing. Through the process of touch, the oils are inhaled which stimulates the olfactory nerve in the brain sending signals to the body. The oils are also absorbed into the skin and subsequently into the bloodstream. The massage itself is relaxing yet invigorating and involves slow, deep strokes that flow together leaving the client with a deep feeling of calm.

Back, Neck & Shoulder

Full Body

Top to Toe

From £20

Swedish Massage

A traditional massage using various techniques to increase the flow of blood and lymphatic  circulation to release muscle tension and discomfort. Each massage will differ according to the clients needs at the time, with techniques like tapping, vibration, kneading and acupressure being used. 

The aim of this massage is to reduce muscular tension and encourage both physical and emotional relaxation.

Back, Neck & Shoulder

Full Body

Top to Toe

From £20

Hot Stones Massage

This deeply relaxing massage uses heated basalt stones to boost blood flow and relieve chronic pain. The heat from the stones penetrates deeper into the muscle layers than Swedish massage, allowing the therapist to work on the tissue without added pressure. The massage is performed with different sized stones that are heated to a specific temperature, which are then moved over the body creating an intensely relaxing experience. 

Back ,Neck & Shoulder 

Full Body 

From £35

Indian Head Massage

A seated massage to rebalance energies, relieve stress and help with headaches. Using invigorating, traditional techniques on the upper back, arms, neck and scalp

Including Face, Neck, Scalp & Upper Back 

From £30


This is where pressure is applied to various reflex points on the feet (or can be on the hands) in order to achieve balance within the body which then promotes better physical and emotional wellbeing. Reflexology can help treat many complaints from hormone imbalances to back pain and studies show that if practised during pregnancy, the length of labour can be reduced. Due to its non-invasive nature, it is a good treatment for everyone.

 From £30

Hopi Ear Candle

Using ear candles made from organic materials to gently draw out excess wax and other debris. This relaxing and painless treatment can help sufferers of headaches, hay fever, itchy ears, tinnitus, sinus pressure and excess wax. 

From £15

Holistic Facials

Using only natural and organic products from Neal’s Yard Remedies, our facials are not only about treating the skin but also promoting deep relaxation. Each facial includes massage techniques to stimulate the skin, eliminate toxins, improve muscle tone and reduce stress. 


Choose from:


Neal’s Yard Signature Facial - includes double cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask and moisturiser along with facial and scalp massage 


Age Well Facial - this treatment uses Neal’s Yard Frankincense Lift products and includes a foot soak, foot & ankle massage, neck & décolletage massage, facial & scalp massage


Gua Sha Facial - includes cleanse, tone and facial oil to massage using acupressure and rose quartz gua sha tools along with a scalp massage. This massage technique helps with puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles and improves lymphatic drainage, inflammation, elasticity and leaves the skin feeling healthy and glowing

From £25

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